Social media has become the primary source for all businesses to not only promote their brands and services but also play a vital role in building key relationships between different people, and forming connections. To achieve this on social media we need to communicate with the audience in a language that they understand through designs on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

When using social media for your marketing campaign, you may be tempted to use words only as the main way to relay information about your product or service. While using words are important, it is also advisable that you include images in your posts because anything less could make a post appear boring, which could in turn lead people to stop reading past the first few lines. Smart entrepreneurs will naturally want their posts to stand out, so this is not the sort of thing that one should ignore if they want to create appealing social media marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the social media design trends in Australia which are popular in 2022 and can be used to stand out. These four trends are valuable to any social media account. Each one can really help you get the most out of your account and push it forward to new levels.

  • The Zine Trend

This trendy Zine makes your posts more appealing. They are designed with exploratory outlines and ostentatious designs. You’ll see a lot of wild shapes, neon-pastel tones, and lively textual styles that give proper respect to zine culture. In 2022, we will see more bold combo colors, differentiating design patterns, particular text styles, and layered pictures. There may be a variety of components, however, everything is deliberate.

  • Flat icons and images

Flat icons and images were popular in 2021. These images were employed by brands to visually deliver their messages. They’re fantastic for grabbing attention and conveying a story, but they’re also great for displaying your brand’s distinct identity. While icons and images can be made in a variety of styles, more designs in 2022 will be inspired by Ukiyo-e artists from Japan’s Edo Period, a kind of printed artwork created on hand-carved wooden blocks. Bold outlines, matching tones and colors, and exaggerated facial emotions are all key aspects.

  • 3D Illustrations

While flat icons and images are predicted to continue to be common in social media content in 2022, more designers are experimenting with 3D illustrations. This new style is more detailed, with greater added texture. Flat illustrations can also be included in 3D designs. If you like flat images, you can still incorporate them into your social media posts. Overall, the combination can result in more natural, real imagery that compels your viewers.

  • Geometric designs

Geometric patterns were one of the most popular graphic design trends on social media in 2021. It is expected to continue through 2022. Patterns are the essential elements of graphic design. Using geometric forms and patterns in your image can help give your social media graphics, consistency, and structure.

When creating social media pictures with geometric forms and patterns, it’s critical to consider the psychology behind each design. Squares, for example, connote stability and proportion, whereas triangles connote emotion and risk.

  • Backgrounds that pop

While muted color palettes are still expected in 2022, designers predict that vibrant backgrounds will gain popularity. This implies you can utilize a stronger, brighter color in your digital posts. Backgrounds, as well as symbols and images, are becoming increasingly colorful. So make sure to include men, women, senior folks, people of various colors and cultures, and so on.

  • Screenshots from social media

This is one of the best trends for creating engaging content. This is simple to make which creates an easier way to convey the message.

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