These days, it’s safe to argue that you might as well not have a business if your company isn’t online. You simply don’t exist if you don’t have an online presence.

What exactly does “internet presence” mean? Can you consider yourself finished after you have a website? Technically speaking, you could, but doing so would lead to tragedy. After all, having a website on its own is similar to having a storefront without any advertising; customers will only learn that you are in business if they spot your storefront among the hundreds of others that surround it.

So, how can you draw attention to your company online? Social media advertising is one of the most often used strategies. Whatever your opinion of them, the success of your business depends on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others. They serve as the modern-day version of a billboard.

Online, there are several social media platforms, therefore it’s not surprising that the majority of them target distinct demographics. Although it’s simple to associate “social media” with teenage rebellion, celebrity controversy, and cheap media gossip, the truth is much more complex.

The fact is that there are various social media platforms because each one satisfies a particular audience need. Facebook and Instagram, however, are currently the two social media platforms with the most power for business promotion.

A business is more likely to succeed to the extent that it looks to have more or a “better” personality than its competitors.

This is accomplished using social media advertising, which offers four key advantages:

Brand development

Building a brand is, as the name implies, the process of starting your business. The world hears “here I am” from the foundations. When you create a brand, you literally put in the work to make yourself known and become a trusted brand in a particular sector or industry. Advertising through Facebook and Instagram helps to increase brand awareness and trust in your brand.

Brand expansion

Now that you know how social media may help you promote your business globally, what do you do when you’re on the big stage? You continue to promote your brand by posting content that supports the spread of your services, promotions, and offers. The growth can be observed in terms of web traffic. When your website receives a lot of foot traffic, it signifies that many people frequently visit it. You can produce content on social media that entices users to visit your website (Facebook advertising is especially effective at this). When users type keywords related to your industry into search engines, you will appear higher on the results page as a result of an improvement in your search engine optimization rating. Social media advertising also helps to generate leads, boost sales and enables your brand to partner with influencers.

Content and Media

Although we’ve talked a lot about “posts” and “content,” what do we actually mean by those terms? The quality of a company’s voice depends on the type of content it creates, including blogs, videos, photos, and development updates. Basically, “content” refers to any update that includes a graphic, photo, video, or lengthy text post.


Last but not least, social media marketing offers businesses a distinctive way of communication. Your customers can send questions and issues to your social media pages, where they will receive direct and prompt responses instead of having to traipse from department to department. Additionally, having open lines of communication gives you a better chance to control your reputation and give announcements to the public in the event of a PR disaster.


Even though social media advertising requires a lot of work, any company that uses it well will see big benefits. If your business usually seems to be behind the times, it could be worthwhile to consider running a social media marketing strategy. Talk to PSA Rockwell’s digital strategists if you’re having trouble understanding a social media strategy; we can help you get started! We have the experts to provide you with all types of digital marketing services to make you succeed in your business.